Saturday Must Reads…

Hey people! Hope the weekend is going well for you all! I am back with a must read for you guys!

So everyone has different taste in books, some people may love a book that others think is terrible, this makes it tough to know who to listen to when looking for a new read. I have tried pretty much every genre and have my favourite types of book (Fantasy and Historic Fiction) but this must read is (Crime, Thriller and Mystery) I am sure fans of these genres have already devoured these book, but for those who do not read these types of books may not have tries them, but they are a MUST read regardless of that.

Karen Slaughter, The Will Trent series. Is a fantastic bundle of books. I am no fan of this genre normally, these are actually the only books I have finished in this genre.

Karen Slaughter has created a main character “Will Trent” with such a distinct look and personality that he stands out. He is tall and athletic, and is a brilliant FBI guy, but he also has dyslexia and visible scars from a haunting past that makes his every day life a struggle. Keeping his dyslexia a secret and his scars in full view for everyone to see, he becomes a character that intrigues you and has you routing for him to succeed through his struggle. The author has fantastic characters that surround him and bring you closer to his fears and memories. The characters are not the only attraction, the individual stories are so well thought out and executed that it leaves you wanting more. The first book “Triptych” is a perfect introduction to many brilliant books that followed. The research is flawless, and the twists are a piece of genius that binds the whole story and excellent writing together. I will not go into detail about stories etc… it spoils the fun!

Bottom line! I will read these books again and again without them getting boring. Karen Slaughter I salute you, and these are well deserved best sellers. If you have not read these pieces of literary magic, than I urge you to get your hands on a copy of “Triptych” and I promise, you will soon purchase the whole set.

So! That is my Saturday Must Read. And if anyone is interested in reviewing my short story “A House Out of Time” then please do! and leave a review, I would appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time peeps! and remember, KEEP READING!



How Do You Find Reviewers?…

Hi people!

I have been a little busy lately. The Publication of my book has spurred me on with “trying” to promote it. But I am finding it almost impossible to get people to review it. Why is that? I have asked countless people “Book Reviewers” and “Book Bloggers” but only 3 or 4 out of countless dozens I have asked have actually agreed. I just assumed that a lover of books and stories would be right up for reading a book for free. Some admittedly had long lists of books to read, but a lot of them simply said no for different reasons. It could be that I am just not very good at promotions. Who knows?

Anyway! never say die! I will fight on!

So here it is! Anyone interested in reading my short story “A House Out of Time” Free with Kindle Unlimited, please do! Reviews and feedback are most welcome. The book is short, 8,000 words or so and should not take long to read (Less than an hour) I appreciate the support. I will be back soon with another “Must Read” post and maybe a free story right here on my blog!

Thanks people! follow the links for my book, and remember, keep reading!



Book Released!

Hi People!

So my book has been published and is available now! I am starting my promotion stuff for it and hope you guys will check it out! It is a 8,000 word creepy short story and should not take long to read (Half hour maybe) That is nothing right? Lunch break or just before you go to sleep. It is available on Kindle Unlimited for FREE or less than 2 quid.

Details are here, and anyone interested in reviewing it are most welcome! Hardest part about this is spreading the word, and I am full of gratitude for the opportunity I have been given, so if you like freebies, or have a few spare coppers, please take a look!

Thank you all! and remember, Keep Reading!!



Reaching A Goal

Hi People!

So, I have said a few times that I write for the joy of it, and have been struggling with my style and so on and so on. But, to my amazement, I have found a publisher! my short story “A House Out of Time” is my first piece of success. I knew it was my most popular piece, and I enjoyed writing it, but I wrote it for fun with no thought of it being picked up by a publishing company. I wrote it off the cuff and just let it go. No thought or struggle, just natural. It just shows that doing what feels right, can actually be right. I am happy that I have reached the goal of being published, and will strive to reach the next one without delay. This was just a first step. An 8,000 word story is one thing, a 100,000 word book is something else. I will write a full length book that will be picked up and published one day, I now know that I have enough drive to do it, but I also know that it will be a HUGE task. I am not scared of a challenge, I do it everyday when I write, sitting and spelling words several ways until I find the correct way. It is tough for me, but my story telling is my strength. I have always believed that. Belief, faith, hard work and enjoyment is the way forward.

You can reach your dreams and goals. We all can. So remember, fight for it! and keep reading!!!


Am I Learning Anything?…

Hey people!

I have not posted anything in a while. The reason?… I have been writing! I am however a little concerned. I have been putting all of the advice and teachings I have learnt and been told into practice, but it just feels and reads wrong. I can not explain where I am going wrong, I just does not work. Maybe I am going to far with my changes in style, it is not easy write and not that good to read. So, I went to my biggest source of knowledge, BOOKS. I have been looking at the details, how certain authors describe a scene has been big on my radar. You read and soak in the words, then a vision of the picture comes to your minds eye. It feels natural and comes easy. I try to replicate that, and it is just terrible.

I came to the conclusion that it is simply not my way, and I am thinking about it to much. I started going through all of my old work, and I was surprised. It felt natural and easy to read, of course I have improved in so many areas and could see where so many changes needed to be made, but the backbone of the writing and stories were good. I truly believe that. Perhaps I am trying to be something I am not, or just being impatient, these things take time to perfect. You learn new things everyday, and I have a long way to go.

My point, is that my natural easy free flowing style is much more enjoyable. It is important to me that I enjoy it, but also that it is readable. I think my older work is readable, although changes do need to be made, and my description needs beefed up a little, I do tend to be vague.

The conclusion I have, is to just write it. Let it flow out in its own way and then change and add what is needed. The more advanced writing stuff will come in time and slowly become apart of my writing I am sure. Maybe I simply know nothing and everything I am saying is complete garbage. I do not know. I do know that writing has no rules and everybody is individual. Back to basics for me, and then build on top of what I already have.

I will be back with another must read author soon and maybe a new story to post. Thanks peeps! and remember, keep reading!


Monday Magic?…

Hi people! Hope you have all had a happy start to the week!

So, I have written a short children’s book. It took me about fifteen minutes to write and needs illustrated, but I can not draw to save my life. It is one of those short kids books that have one or two line per page with the pictures to emphasize the story. It looks and probably sounds terrible with a few lines written on a page, but with pictures and a lot of colour it would be really relevant. How do you find somebody to do illustrations for you? I know it is an expensive thing to do. I wish I had the artistic talent to do it myself, but like most things, I am at a bit of a disadvantage.

I came up the idea when I was getting my son ready for school. He started picking his nose (like kids do) and I told him to stop it. He asked “why” and I said “because it is dirty”… “but I like it” he said…. and there it was, my story. Simply a kid picking his nose, and his dad telling him all of the reasons he should not, and the kid arguing his case. It sounds silly I know, but I think every parent has had this discussion with there children, right? I think it is really relevant and real, which will strike a cord. Let me now you think, just remember it needs a little work of course, and pictures are essential for this type of kids book. So if anyone wants to draw for free let me know! I do not charge for my work yet, but will give half of any money it takes (HAHA) Yeah I am still following the dream and have to believe I will get somewhere. Thanks peeps! Keep reading!

Do Not Pick Your Nose

“I like to pick my nose, but my daddy always says”

“Do not pick your nose, your finger will get stuck, and it is green and yucky!”

“But I like to pick my nose! And my finger will not get stuck, I am lucky!”

“Do not pick your nose, it is dirty”

“But I like to pick my nose! And I will do it until I am thirty!”

“Do not pick your nose, it will end up all red!”

“But I like to pick my nose! I will pick the other side instead!”

“Do not pick your nose! That is not food!”

“But I like to pick my nose! Too late! You lose!”

“Do not pick your nose, it will start to hurt!”

“But I like to pick my nose, and wipe it on my shirt!”

“Do not pick your nose! It will upset mummy!”

“But I like to pick my nose! And it is all runny!”

“Do not pick your nose, lets do some reading!”

“I am sorry daddy! My nose is bleeding!”

“Come on, lets clean your face and paws”

“OK daddy, from now on I will not pick my nose”


Saturday Must Reads

Happy weekend people!

Alright, last week I spoke about “Jules Verne” and the impact his stories an imagination had on me, but today I want to talk about “Bernard Cornwell”

Now as a young kid I read books like Treasure Island and Moby Dick, as so many of us did, but I reached the age of eleven or twelve and I stopped reading books. It did not interest me. So many kids back in the 90s played in the street and spent all of there time outdoors. You could not walk down any street, or pass any field, without seeing kids playing football or other games. Now, in the computer age, with everyone having phones and other technology devices, those days of playing sports and bike riding from dusk till dawn are all but dead. I lost my love of reading because of the days of play, so I am on the fence about it being a good thing or a bad thing. For me, it was both.

However, I reached the age of about nineteen and reading came back into my everyday life. I ordered a bundle of books from a magazine for about three pounds (I had little money) and among them was “Sharpe’s Fortress” and “Rebel” both written by “Bernard Cornwell” At first glance they did not really grip me, and I began reading one of the other books I got. It bored me to tears. I read almost half of the book hoping it would get better, but I gave up eventually. So I opened “Rebel” and was hooked from the first page. The opening scene just dragged me in and I read the book cover to cover in one sitting without stopping once. The next day I read “Sharpe’s Fortress” again in one sitting, and I had found the author that sparked my love of reading again. I then did some research on him and his works, and was thrilled to learn that he had written a lot of books, 20 plus more “Sharpe” books and three that followed on from “Rebel” I devoured them all over the months and scouted old book shops and eBay looking for them on the cheap, it can be an expensive hobby, especially when I was reading so quickly, I just could not get enough. Book after book, series after series, from “The Last Kingdom Series” to “The grail Quest Series” I just loved every one of them.

To this day I still pick up a “Sharpe” book, and I still wait patiently for his next new books to come out. If ancient wars and battles are your thing, then “Bernard Cornwell” Is your man. Napoleonic wars to the Vikings invading, even American Cival War, he does it all with brilliance and flair.

He remains, and always will be, one of my top Authors. I thank you guys for your time, have a good weekend! and remember! Keep Reading!


Friday Blues

Hi people!

Alright, so one of the kindest acts I have experienced ever, happened to me not so long ago. I was editing one of my manuscripts (or at least trying) and I was getting nowhere. I have said previously that my education was terrible and I struggle with some spelling and all punctuation, grammar etc. So I posted on Twitter that I was having a hard time, and I get a message off a guy who said he would edit it for me for FREE. Now I had already looked into freelance editors and prices. For my full-length book of about 100,000 words, I was quoted in the region of £2,000. Being a full-time carer for my partner and looking after my two children (which means I can not go and get a job, and I actually quit the one I had) It is safe to say I do not have £2,000. I would do a victory dance if I had a spare fiver!

This awesome human being actually did it!

I felt so bad (still do) because I know how much hard work he must have put into my manuscript. The mountains upon mountains of mistakes must been gruelling for him. I knew how terrible it would be so I sent him one of my new works to soften the blow, It is only about 18,000 words currently, but still, hard work to do for nothing.

He sent it back to me yesterday, and now I feel really really bad. He has put notes on so many lines with his thoughts and things I could change, and it looks like he simply did not like the story or the way it is written (mountains of mistakes aside) and I am worried that this piece is not worth continuing and he waisted his time.

I knew this project would be the toughest thing I have attempted so far in my short writing life, but I never realized how tough. I will not give in on this project, I will finish it and find a way to fix it. I just need to step back, take it on the chin and improve with every page I write. He is, after all, trying to help me and improve what I have written. I will take it all on board and move forward.

I just can not believe this act of kindness. It has me stunned. The world is a dark and often horrible place, but sometimes a flash of light will break down the gloom and shock you. Hope and random acts of kindness still grace us as human beings. I hope this new found comfort will help me to continue to be a good person and you the reader of this long winded piece of writing. Thank you for taking the time peeps! and remember, keep reading!


How Do You Write A Book?… Really…

Hey people!

So I was writing and I suddenly realized that I do not actually know what I am doing. How do you write a book?… really. Do you plan it out? Do you know your start, middle and end? Even the things between? Or do you have a general idea and “Wing it” until you reach the important parts that bring the story together and make it balanced and work? I do not know “How” you are supposed to do it. Do you plan your characters? how they will be speak and act? what they will look like or what there characters will be like?

Maybe everyone does it differently… I have no idea. I am certain I do it all wrong (not knowing any better, in my ignorance of the art) I am completely self-taught in just about everything I do, except for tip and pointers from some people. I wing my stories from start to finish. My first and currently only full-length novel that I have finished (Travis) was written on the spot with no planning what so ever. I had no idea what the story was going to be about until I began writing it. Is that crazy? stupid? ridiculous? probably all of those things. My stories come from imagination. Moments of inspiration that just hit me, and then I write it down, that is why most of my writings are very short stories. How do you plan for that?… I guess I am just different. I am writing other full length books, but they are not planned either. I know I have to change this approach to my work, but when I try I just do not know where I want to take it. So I write and the story comes with it. I suppose I could go back and add things or take things away to polish up, but the general writing of the story is spontaneous. Not having a “good education” may have something to do with the way I approach it, I do not know, but I am enjoying the ride.

More stories of the spontaneous nature are coming soon, and another chapter or two of some of my works in progress are also coming soon (if anyone is interested) thank you peeps! and, as always, keep reading!


Saturday Must Read Books

This is my second post in the space of about 5 minutes (SORRY) but I want to share some books that have influenced my taste in reading and writing. Today I want to mention “Jules Verne”

Jules Verne is widely known as the father of sci-fi and his work is one of the most (if not the most) translated in history. WORLD WIDE. He wrote his extraordinary stories back in a time when submarines did not exist and man had not stepped foot on the moon or even ventured into space. He came up with “20,000 leagues under the sea” which is one of my all time must read books for anyone who enjoys reading. “Journey to the center of the earth” is a book of an amazing amount of imagination. “Earth to the moon” must have been so exciting to read back then. The idea of people going to the moon must have seemed ridiculous but also sparked the imagination. He must have been an amazing man. His books, of course, are “out of date” because the things he wrote about (150 years or so ago) have now actually happened. We made it to the moon, and we know what is at the center of the earth (No seas or beaches or sea monsters) and we have ventured to the depths of our oceans (no Atlantis has been found)

I read his work knowing that it was written before these things were fully discovered. He was a visionary. Regardless of facts ( a lot that was actually surprisingly accurate) his stories will live on. It is safe to say, Jules Verne sparked my imagination and the possibilities of “what could be” in the future. No idea is too mad. Robots that can cook and clean? Man stepping foot on another planet? living on another planet even?! Star Trek being a reality? Jurrasic Park? They will one day make a Dinosaur, it is inevitable, right? EXCITING! (and dangerous) but who knows?… only time. If only I could live forever and see these thing happen, and much more that you could never predict. I believe out imaginations shape the future.

Some writers are more than just writers. Jules Verne, to me, is much more. If somebody reading this has not read any of his work (movies do not count) then DO IT. You will not be disappointed. So, just remember, keep reading.


Why Write?… That Is The Question.

Hey people!

Alright, so I was asked by someone “Why write?” and It was a very simple answer, I enjoy it. Some people do it because they are good at it, and others do it because it is a job or they want a career. Me? I just enjoy making stories come to life through words. Even if only a small amount of people read what I write, that’s OK. I do not do it for money (All of my writing is free) I do not do it for fame (I do not pay for advertising or reviews) It is simply for my own personal benefit. My relaxing alone time. Just writing random stories that pop into my head. I work hard on my writing, but I am under no pressure to do it. No time frames. I did, however, write a whole chapter of one of my works in progress, on the spot, because somebody said they enjoyed it and was interested in more. It is such a huge buzz when somebody enjoys what you do, it makes even more enjoyable to write.

Of course, I am only human, and if somebody offered to publish something I have wrote, then I would be all over that. I do this for the joy, but to do it and be paid? that is dreamland. One day, when I am more accomplished and my writing is not riddled with mountains of errors and mistakes, I will, of course, want to try and make the step forward and do this as a job as well as a hobby. Hobbies do not pay the bills, but I think to myself, “Why not?” other people make money from writing. A long way to go until I reach that point, and for now, I will have fun making stories and self-publishing, making it all available free. Paid or not, I do it because I love it. If I make it big or stay the way I am, I will still do what I do.

Whatever makes you happy, do it. Money is essential to living, but that aside, do what you love, it will make your life happier and brighter. You only live once and you have to chase the dream. Thanks peeps! and remember, keep reading!


That Thursday Feeling

Well, it is Thursday and almost the weekend. My two sons (and myself) have been home all week, sick. They are going to be home all of next week because they are off school, and nursery. Looks like writing my current work in progress and my short stories are going to have to wait even longer.

But no matter. It is not a race, and I do get to spend day and night with the kids, so it is not all bad.

However, I do get a little time to write on here and to talk about…. well, stuff. For example, I did an author interview for “Moonlight Monday Author Interviews” which will be on Monday 25th March 2019, and I can tell you it was scary. It was the first interview I have had and is a huge honor for me. I want to say a big thank you to “Idle sky books and publishing services” and I hope it is not too bad of an interview. People should check out their blog at idleskybps.com it so really interesting and the interviews of the authors are brilliant and insightful.

Finally, I want to let everyone know (the few people, if any reading this) that all of my stories are free and available on ebook “http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/JohnDeca1” but they are (or will be) all available here on my site. My works in progress and my current work in progress which I am putting all of my efforts into “Bronze” is also available and will be updated whenever I finish a new chapter.

Thank you people! and remember, keep reading!


Escaping The Stress Of Life And Governments

This is going to be a little bit of a rant that I am getting out of my system. Life is not perfect for anyone, it is full of stress and challenges, which are of all shapes and sizes. Lack of money is a big and obvious one, but that aside, our children are a constant worry. Even when you have no realistic reason to worry, you still do. When they go to school, or to a friends house, or simply to the shop. You begin to think about them crossing the road, and see visions of a drunk driver or of them not waiting for the green man at the traffic light. My children are 4 and 5 years old and do not go anywhere without me, but I still think about those things I mentioned happening. When they get sick (like they are now with sickness) it is stressful and hard work.

Governments do not help. They pile the pressure on us all, whatever country you are living in. For me it is the UK and all of this Brexit rubbish. How did this disaster happen? It is unthinkable to leave the EU, but here we are. Why? because the government let the people vote on the most important and life changing thing to happen to this nation in decades. Now in theory, this is a democracy, and quite right, but in reality, it is stupidity. If you ask a thousand people to explain what the EU is and does, you would be lucky if 100 of them could tell you. How can you vote on something you know nothing about and do what is right? and the government told half truths, gave misinformed information and just down right lied to get people to vote the way they wanted. Which was the wrong way. Voting for the unknown is so dangerous. Now we are lost in this mess. Ask the people if they would vote leave now and I bet they would say no. USA is not much better off with Donald Trump. So he is rich… that makes him qualified to be the leader of the free world? with his stupid ideas? “We have to build a wall” is this the dark ages? do we cut ourselves off from our neighbors to solve problems? world unity should be taking place, not divisions. UK leaving the EU, Scotland want to be independent and have nothing to do with the rest of the UK, Trump wants a “wall” things are going backward not forward.

Now that is off my chest, how do we deal with these idiots who are destroying instead of fixing?… For me it is reading and writing. For others it is singing or cooking, or playing sport. Whatever it is, keep doing it. Be tranquil, and carry on in defiance of the powers above us that make life hard. I will be reading a book this evening and getting lost in the words of an adventure to forget the troubles of the world. At times, ignorance truly is bliss. What else can we do? Speak up, yes, but we know it falls on deaf ears. The “listening” from the powers that be is just an act, a show, a mascaraed to keep up the illusion that we have a say and that they care about what we say. Fight your own fight, look after those that are close to you, and drink in the happy moments between the stress of worry.

Rant over. I feel better. Take care people! And give the world a good old fashioned stiff upper lip! Thanks, and keep reading!


Some Book Talk

Michael J Sullivan

Hello again my friends! I have been posting stories and bits of my writing, but not really spoke. So I am going to talk about an author who started at the bottom (Like me) with self publishing, and made it to the top with time, hard work and a wonderful wife. Michael J Sullivan should be an inspiration to all writers trying to make it.

I came across one of his books by pure accident when looking for a new read. The first book I came across was “Age of Myth” and it stood out because of the beautiful cover design. I was truly blown away by it, just a thing tranquil beauty. A tree in a field (does not sound like much) but it really does have that wow factor. I devoured that book in one sitting, it was fantastic!… before realizing it was one of his newest releases, and I had to wait for the next in this series (GUTTED). So I looked for his other works, The Riyria Chronicles and The Riyria Revelations (Riyria is Elvish for 2) were his world stoppers. I devoured every one of these books in the space of about 6 weeks (10 or 11 books I think) I loved everything about them, the stories and characters just grabbed me and never let go. They are fantasy series, based around two characters who are chalk and cheese, and should probably never be friends because of the huge differences between them, but they depend on each other and are both good at killing and stealing (I won’t post spoilers, you will have to read the books). Michael’s personal story and journey is fascinating, he had been writing for a long time and gave up on the dream. He vowed to never write again after years of heartache and getting nowhere. His wife encouraged him to try again. He had already written the Riyria books and his wife quit her job to help get his work out into the world, and they originally self-published. Soon publishers were all over the books and the rest, as they say, is history.

I had the pleasure of talking to him. I emailed him to congratulate him on his outstanding work, and happened to mention I was at the start of my own writing journey. He gave me great advice and encouragement. He even read a few pages of one of my works and gave me feedback and told me what I was missing. How many famous people take the time to talk to an average Joe? Read bang average writing (at the time) and make room in there lives to interact and help them? Not many I bet. He is a fantastic writer, story teller and human being. I owe him my most sincere thanks for his inspirational journey and willingness to help little old me.

If you like fantasy Michael J Sullivan is your man.


If you like time travel, check out “Hollow World” by Michael, it is a brilliant read also.

Thanks for reading guys! I must do more of these for inspirational writers!


Another Short Story

Creepy Town

Alice was new to the city. She was used to fields, and the quietness of the countryside, the countless number of people rushing around, and constant noise of cars and traffic was a shock to her system. She was starting her first job in a restaurant waiting tables, to help pay for her to go to university, and this was the best she could do at short notice. Her debts were rising rapidly, and the restaurant offered a surprisingly generous wage with tips. The problem was the distance, it was a bus ride to a small town she had never heard of, and she had to walk through the noisy city and find a bus stop. She had no clue where the stop was, even with a map, and she walked up and down streets and tried to ask people for directions.

“Excuse me can you….excuse me I’m trying to find…..I’m sorry can you help me….” She said to people as they walked past her at speed without even looking at her, she felt completely invisible and out of place. She shook her head and slapped her side’s in exasperation.

“Something wrong?” An old man said suddenly appearing beside her. He looked homeless with his dirty old rags and shoes that had holes in the fronts where his black toes pointed out. He lit a cigarette and grinned at Alice, flashing black teeth.

“No I am fine, thank you” She answered as she backed away startled.

“You do not have to be afraid of an old man like me, you just seem lost, and I know this city like the back of my hand” He puffed on his cigarette and nodded to Alice in a pleasant manner, which made her skin crawl for some reason. She knew she would never get to where she was going without some help.

“I need to find a bus, one that goes to …”

“Say no more, I know every stop and every bus, which bus do you need?” He smiled with smoke coming from his nostrils.

“666” She answered while crossing her arms, and the old man’s eyes went wide.

“You do not want to get that bus” He motioned behind her, where the stop was across the street, making her feel stupid.

“If you would be kind enough to give me some spare change, I will show you where you can get another bus” The old man said holding out his hand.

“I am sorry, I only have my fair for the bus” Alice lied, she had a pocket full of change, she had no idea how much the fair would be, but she knew she had more than enough, and could spare a few coins, but the man scared her, and she didn’t trust him.

“Alright, I understand, just do not get that bus, there is a stop down the street and on the left, you will find a bus, a lot of them stop there” He said flicking his cigarette away and nodding to Alice as he walked away.

“Thank you!” She shouted after him as he walked around the corner. She felt terrible, he had helped her, and she did not even thank him properly, he only wanted some change, but he was trying to stop me getting the correct bus, send me to the wrong place because I would not give him money, for cigarettes and alcohol I would imagine, she thought to herself before shrugging and crossing the road to stand at the stop. It was just a rusty old pole with a laminated piece of paper attached to it with 666 on it, there was no times or map to show when it was due to arrive or where it was going. Alice had a bad feeling, everything was just a bit odd, she just wanted to get there do her job and go home. A bus was suddenly creeping up the road in the distance, and she felt relief as it neared and, the numbers were 666, she flagged it down by putting her left arm out to stop it and board. It pulled up with a squeak, and a puff of smoke coming from the back as the doors opened. The bus was red and rusted, like it had been left in the rain for the last hundred years. A young man was driving, he was wearing an old flat cap and sunglasses with a leather jacket, and he looked like a should be riding a motorcycle back in the fifties.

“Come aboard little lady” He said sounding like he was from Virginia and waving her on to the bus when she just stood there looking at him. She nodded and stepped up, pulling out a handful of coins.

“How much to the Devils Grill Restaurant?” She asked.

“Oh the Devils Grill” He chuckled with a toothpick between his teeth.

“This will cover it little lady” He said taking one coin from her.

“Thank you” She answered and walked down the bus to sit somewhere in the middle where one of the windows was not completely covered with dirt. She was the only person on the bus and a small cloud of dust puffed up from the seat as she sat down. She sneezed and waved her hands in front of her to clear the dust from the air. The bus moved with a creak and a jerk almost sending her face first in to the seat in front of her. She felt exhausted and mentally tired from the afternoon of bus stop hunting and noise, not to mention the old death trap bus, do they not clean these things before charging people to use them, she thought. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to compose herself and get her head right, she stayed that way for a few moments before opening her eyes and looking out of the window. The city was gone and the bus was driving down a small street surrounded by empty houses, they had no windows or doors and bins were lying on their side’s with black ash scattered all around where they had obviously been tipped over. Homeless people must have been using them to make fires Alice mused. Every street and road the bus went down was the same, only now people were seen standing around in fancy dress, some were clowns and others wore Halloween masks, and they all had knives and bats, some even had chainsaws. Fancy dress street party? Must be, but very scary, the thought went through her mind. The bus moved on from the dressed up characters, and a popping sound started to echo all around, making the bus come to a stop.

“Sorry little lady, we have a problem” The driver said.

“What happens now then?” Alice asked him as he got up from his seat and opened the doors.

“I fix it of course” He answered as he pulled out a huge spanner the length of his arm.

Alice looked at him curiously as he flipped the toothpick around in his mouth, and grinned at her. What could he possibly do with that thing? I doubt there is a nut or bolt big enough to require the use of that spanner, her mind was ticking away trying to work this problem out before she looked out of the window and realized it was dark, the bus had stopped next to a field with a small park and a lamp post that flickered. It was not much of a park, just a swing that moved back and forward in the breeze and a metal slide that was badly dented, probably by a sledgehammer that hit it over and over again before being attacked with red paint which almost completely covered it. She was feeling a little sick at that moment, she realized she would have to make this same journey every time she had to go to work, and she knew she could not do it, she just wanted to go home and get out of this creepy town. Everything was silent, and she wondered what the driver was doing, she looked at her watch to check the time but it had stopped at 16:32, she tapped it a few times but it did not help, so she took her mobile phone out of her pocket, but it was dead, which was also strange since she had charged it fully before leaving home and also turned it off when she was not using it. She shook her head and cursed under her breath, she suddenly heard someone singing outside, making her jump and look out of the window again. It was not the driver, it was a female voice, nobody was in sight but the swing was moving back and forward like somebody was on it, only there wasn’t anyone anywhere. What is that song? I recognize it? She thought. Then it came to her, Sympathy for the Devil, by the Rolling Stones, strange song choice, and it made her skin crawl for reasons unknown, other than the surrounding she was in, the bus she was on, and where she was going, everything pointed to the Devil, just coincidental, right? That’s ridiculous, just letting fear get the better of me, she whispered aloud. Alice stood up and moved down the bus to look out of the doors for the driver, but she could not see him.

“Hello? Are you there?” She said aloud with a shaky voice. The singing stopped when she spoke, and it turned to a whistle of the same tune , which was even creepier, and she didn’t know why, but her fear was beginning to spike.

“Come on, I don’t like it here, please hurry up” She said a little louder. The whistling stopped abruptly and turned into a child like giggling, which also stopped abruptly after a few seconds, and a banging started on the bus making her scream out and back away from the doors. The bus fired up, and she heard a man cry out in agony. She sat in her seat and began to cry uncontrollably while putting her head down between her legs and praying. The sound of agony stopped and the singing began again, Alice tried to stop her sobs by holding her breath and putting her hands to her mouth to stop any sound accidentally escaping. She looked up and over the top of the seat in front of her to see if anything or anyone was there, but there was nothing, she turned her head to the window slowly with dread, and all was clear, only the singing ringing out from who knew where. The driver scrambled through the doors closing them behind him and putting his hands to his knees out of breath. Alice jumped up from her seat, she was panting slowly and sweating.

“Are you OK? Where were you? What was happening out there?” She said fearfully. He began to laugh and didn’t answer as he took his seat. A huge smash sounded from the window next to Alice and covered her in filthy black glass as she screeched out in terror. A brick had just missed her head. A young girl was stood a few feet away from the bus, dressed as a mime, with a painted white face with black teardrops and long black and white socks that came past her knees with a black school uniform, shirt and skirt. She was juggling what appeared to be small net bags full of marbles, the type Alice used to get as a present every birthday from her gran, which she hated, nothing more boring she had always said. The girl through a bag at her when she saw her watching, it hit her in the arm as she tried to protect her face, cutting her and making her cry out. She put her head down and away from the window and picked up the bag. It was not marbles, it was a pair of eyes with razor blades in them, she screamed and through the net bag down the bus before putting her head between her legs again. The singing turned to giggling once more and a hand grabbed her by the hair, she screamed again and slapped at the hand, she spotted the brick on the floor and reached out for it, the hand dragged her head back towards the window, trying to pull her out, and off the bus, she fought and struggled and reached out with her feet for the break, her hair felt like it was going to come out of her head until she picked the brick up between her feet and into her left hand. She swung with all of her force smashing into to the arm of the girl forcing her to release her grip.

“Move this bus now!” She shouted at the driver desperately.

“All right little lady, let’s go” He answered turning around. His glasses were gone, and so were his eyes, just gaping holes with blood running down his cheeks, but his grin and toothpick remained. Alice didn’t scream this time she just backed away and sat on the opposite side of the bus from the window in shock as the bus jerked forward sending her head into the seat forcing her to sit back and close her eyes, she may have passed out or just been dazed, but she opened her eyes when she felt someone shaking her. She put her hands up in defense and cowered.

“Come on little lady, wake up, this is your stop” The driver said. Alice moved her arms and looked at him with confusion, he was wearing his glasses again.

“Where is your eyes?” She blurted out.

“My eyes? Right here little lady” He answered taking his glasses off and showing his baby blue eyes and winking.

“Sorry, I must have had a bad dream” She said.

“That’s OK, we are at your stop, David’s Grill in Little Town” He said helping her stand up.

“David’s Grill? I thought it was Devils Grill?” Alice looked at him confused.

“I thought you were joking when you said that, hope this is the right place, if not I will take you back” He offered.

“No” She said quickly, wanting to get off the bus as fast as possible. He nodded, shrugged and walking back down the bus to his seat with Alice following.

“Thank you” She said stepping off the bus that pulled away. The number was 606 not 666, and this was not a town, it was just the name of the area, she was still in the city, she remembered the email she received offering her the job, even though she could not remember actually applying for it, but she applied for dozens and simply thought she forgot. A pain shot up her arm from the breeze, and she had a cut, the same cut from her dream, was it dream? She was doubting everything, she checked her watch, 16:32 just as before, but it was ticking, and her phone was fully charged.

“I told you not to get that bus” The homeless man she met before all of that happened said, as he walked past with his cigarette smoke following him, Alice stared at him in shock as he passed her and disappeared around another corner.

“To hell with the job, taxi!” She shouted and got into a black cab. She was going home to the country, the city was too strange for her. I hope this cab is not like that bus, she prayed.


At Home

Hey people, I am seriously not feeling good today, I am at home with the kids who are also sick. Where do all of the bogies come from when you constantly blow your nose? So much green stuff from such a small nose. My 5 year old son said “It is your brain, daddy” That made me laugh, which also made me cringe in pain because my throat is swollen. Anyway, that is my question of the day, and I will investigate the mysteries of the snot. For now, I would like to share a poem I wrote for my four year old son who has autism. I do not mind saying I was terrified and devastated. I had no idea what the future would bring for him, I still don’t. But in a strange way, I would not change a thing about him, he is just amazing. So here is “The Cloud Puppy” be kind, I have never written a poem before and it took me all of ten minutes. Just a moment of inspiration from him. Enjoy!

The Cloud Puppy

Harry looked at the clouds, up in the sky, of all different sizes, floating bye.

He loved to glare at them with amazement, for him it was just all part of the entertainment.

Those times were silent, and full of imagination, he imagined a train cloud pulling in to a station.

Some clouds were shapes, and others were numbers, he could clearly see babies sleeping in their slumbers.

Sunlight blazed through the gaps of white, and Harry would smile with delight at the sight.

One day he saw a paw print surrounded by a heart, his eyes opened wide and he jumped up with a start.

He laughed and beamed at his puppy friend, and closed his eyes, knowing he would meet the pup, in the end.

Suddenly, he was floating on a fluffy cushion high in the air, and his cloud puppy friend was already there.

He sat up and waved at the pup and said hi, and the pup yapped as it ran bye.

He jumped down from his fluffy bed, and the puppy ran to him, neither of them were scared.

Harry patted the cloud puppy, in all of its splendor, it was beautiful and soft, and so very tender

The puppy licked his hand with his soft cloudy tongue, and Harry laughed and began to run.

They played together happily for what seemed like hours, until the clouds went dark and out came the showers.

Come on Harry! lets go inside! his dad said, and Harry opened his eyes to see rain and the coming darkness, it was time for bed.


Hello People

This is a place where I will post my short stories and current works in progress for everyone to read and talk about. Everything is raw and unedited exactly as originally wrote. I have somebody currently editing for me, and I am yet to see what they have done with my writing.

Alright, here is a little about me and my life.

I was born and live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. I love the city and I am proud of it. My education growing up was terrible, to put it bluntly, and I am not perfect at English and writing. Channel 4 in the UK made a TV show called “The worst school in Britain” guess who went to that school… yep! me!… so it is safe to say I did not have the best start. That is one reason why my spelling and punctuation etc are quite bad (as I am sure you will see in my writing on here) I can only apologize in advance for this and hope I can be forgiven. However, I left school and began working here and there, and eventually became a full-time dad. My partner had (and still has) many medical issues so I quit my job and stayed home to take care of her and our two sons.

That is when I started to think about the future. What will my kids have as inspiration to do something with there lives? Both of there parents stay home every day, no career or qualifications, and little money. I wanted to write because of that, and I found that despite my struggle with the actual spellings etc I was not bad at it. I am not great, but I am not bad, the ideas and putting them down in words came quite naturally (even if they were spelled wrong) I have only been writing a little over a year, and I am slowly improving. It is my “thing” that I do. I do not charge for my writing, I would never charge people to read writing that is full of errors. One day I will hopefully get to a standard where I can sell my work and feel that it is as good as I can make it.

So, that is me! I hope this has not been to boring for you, and I thank you for taking the time! I appreciate it greatly. Thanks people! and keep reading!

Moonlight Mondays(Interview #14)

img_0559John Decarteret is a 31 year old author from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. He loves writing children stories, reading and spending time with his two sons.

1. What is your debut novel and what inspired its story?

My debut novel is called “A House Out of Time” It is a short story of about 8,000 words, I suppose you could call it mild horror. Nothing really inspired the story, it just came to me one day and I began to write it, most of my stories are written on the spot when a idea hits me.

2. Do you write one specific genre or are you a multi genre author?

I am very much a multi genre author. I have written fantasy, historical, mild horror, sci-fi, and I am currently writing a western genre book.

3. Do you have any memorable quotations or ‘one-liners’ that you have written and love?


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Sunday Thoughts…

John's Blog and random writing

Hey people!

So, I have been thinking a lot about my first (and currently, only) full length book that I have wrote. It was the first time I had ever tried to write anything, EVER, and it is safe to say it was raw. However, I have been reading it back recently after finding small success in finding a publisher, you know just looking at then and now, the difference between my works. I noticed I feel stronger about my first book than any other, including my published piece. Why is that? The whole book is one big mess, no punctuation or grammar is correct, and the less said about spelling the better. I still love it. Maybe it is because it was the start of my writing life. It all started in those words. The story is questionable, the characters I actually really like, and the end was rushed…

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Sunday Thoughts…

Hey people!

So, I have been thinking a lot about my first (and currently, only) full length book that I have wrote. It was the first time I had ever tried to write anything, EVER, and it is safe to say it was raw. However, I have been reading it back recently after finding small success in finding a publisher, you know just looking at then and now, the difference between my works. I noticed I feel stronger about my first book than any other, including my published piece. Why is that? The whole book is one big mess, no punctuation or grammar is correct, and the less said about spelling the better. I still love it. Maybe it is because it was the start of my writing life. It all started in those words. The story is questionable, the characters I actually really like, and the end was rushed now that I look back. But I find that I enjoy reading it. I do not know why, because writers do not have strong feeling towards practice pieces and material that is discarded, right? I am feeling different about my writing, It is all special to me, but my first book “Travis” will always take centre stage in my mind, the fact that I started it and finished it is a miracle (Horror English skills aside) It was a huge achievement for me, and one that I am HUGELY proud of.

On that note, I would like to share it! unedited, raw, and just bad application. Reading bad books is just as helpful as reading masterpieces for writers.

BUT I do hope people see past all of that and enjoy it in some way. Books are meant for enjoyment after all.

It is FREE of course, I could not sleep at night charging people to read this, but it is still my baby and I will one day fix it and my pride in it will be absolute. So here it is! take a look and let me know your thoughts (Mistakes aside, I know all about that)

Thanks guys! enjoy what is left of the weekend! and remember… KEEP READING!