At Home

Hey people, I am seriously not feeling good today, I am at home with the kids who are also sick. Where do all of the bogies come from when you constantly blow your nose? So much green stuff from such a small nose. My 5 year old son said “It is your brain, daddy” That made me laugh, which also made me cringe in pain because my throat is swollen. Anyway, that is my question of the day, and I will investigate the mysteries of the snot. For now, I would like to share a poem I wrote for my four year old son who has autism. I do not mind saying I was terrified and devastated. I had no idea what the future would bring for him, I still don’t. But in a strange way, I would not change a thing about him, he is just amazing. So here is “The Cloud Puppy” be kind, I have never written a poem before and it took me all of ten minutes. Just a moment of inspiration from him. Enjoy!

The Cloud Puppy

Harry looked at the clouds, up in the sky, of all different sizes, floating bye.

He loved to glare at them with amazement, for him it was just all part of the entertainment.

Those times were silent, and full of imagination, he imagined a train cloud pulling in to a station.

Some clouds were shapes, and others were numbers, he could clearly see babies sleeping in their slumbers.

Sunlight blazed through the gaps of white, and Harry would smile with delight at the sight.

One day he saw a paw print surrounded by a heart, his eyes opened wide and he jumped up with a start.

He laughed and beamed at his puppy friend, and closed his eyes, knowing he would meet the pup, in the end.

Suddenly, he was floating on a fluffy cushion high in the air, and his cloud puppy friend was already there.

He sat up and waved at the pup and said hi, and the pup yapped as it ran bye.

He jumped down from his fluffy bed, and the puppy ran to him, neither of them were scared.

Harry patted the cloud puppy, in all of its splendor, it was beautiful and soft, and so very tender

The puppy licked his hand with his soft cloudy tongue, and Harry laughed and began to run.

They played together happily for what seemed like hours, until the clouds went dark and out came the showers.

Come on Harry! lets go inside! his dad said, and Harry opened his eyes to see rain and the coming darkness, it was time for bed.

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