Escaping The Stress Of Life And Governments

This is going to be a little bit of a rant that I am getting out of my system. Life is not perfect for anyone, it is full of stress and challenges, which are of all shapes and sizes. Lack of money is a big and obvious one, but that aside, our children are a constant worry. Even when you have no realistic reason to worry, you still do. When they go to school, or to a friends house, or simply to the shop. You begin to think about them crossing the road, and see visions of a drunk driver or of them not waiting for the green man at the traffic light. My children are 4 and 5 years old and do not go anywhere without me, but I still think about those things I mentioned happening. When they get sick (like they are now with sickness) it is stressful and hard work.

Governments do not help. They pile the pressure on us all, whatever country you are living in. For me it is the UK and all of this Brexit rubbish. How did this disaster happen? It is unthinkable to leave the EU, but here we are. Why? because the government let the people vote on the most important and life changing thing to happen to this nation in decades. Now in theory, this is a democracy, and quite right, but in reality, it is stupidity. If you ask a thousand people to explain what the EU is and does, you would be lucky if 100 of them could tell you. How can you vote on something you know nothing about and do what is right? and the government told half truths, gave misinformed information and just down right lied to get people to vote the way they wanted. Which was the wrong way. Voting for the unknown is so dangerous. Now we are lost in this mess. Ask the people if they would vote leave now and I bet they would say no. USA is not much better off with Donald Trump. So he is rich… that makes him qualified to be the leader of the free world? with his stupid ideas? “We have to build a wall” is this the dark ages? do we cut ourselves off from our neighbors to solve problems? world unity should be taking place, not divisions. UK leaving the EU, Scotland want to be independent and have nothing to do with the rest of the UK, Trump wants a “wall” things are going backward not forward.

Now that is off my chest, how do we deal with these idiots who are destroying instead of fixing?… For me it is reading and writing. For others it is singing or cooking, or playing sport. Whatever it is, keep doing it. Be tranquil, and carry on in defiance of the powers above us that make life hard. I will be reading a book this evening and getting lost in the words of an adventure to forget the troubles of the world. At times, ignorance truly is bliss. What else can we do? Speak up, yes, but we know it falls on deaf ears. The “listening” from the powers that be is just an act, a show, a mascaraed to keep up the illusion that we have a say and that they care about what we say. Fight your own fight, look after those that are close to you, and drink in the happy moments between the stress of worry.

Rant over. I feel better. Take care people! And give the world a good old fashioned stiff upper lip! Thanks, and keep reading!

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