Some Book Talk

Michael J Sullivan

Hello again my friends! I have been posting stories and bits of my writing, but not really spoke. So I am going to talk about an author who started at the bottom (Like me) with self publishing, and made it to the top with time, hard work and a wonderful wife. Michael J Sullivan should be an inspiration to all writers trying to make it.

I came across one of his books by pure accident when looking for a new read. The first book I came across was “Age of Myth” and it stood out because of the beautiful cover design. I was truly blown away by it, just a thing tranquil beauty. A tree in a field (does not sound like much) but it really does have that wow factor. I devoured that book in one sitting, it was fantastic!… before realizing it was one of his newest releases, and I had to wait for the next in this series (GUTTED). So I looked for his other works, The Riyria Chronicles and The Riyria Revelations (Riyria is Elvish for 2) were his world stoppers. I devoured every one of these books in the space of about 6 weeks (10 or 11 books I think) I loved everything about them, the stories and characters just grabbed me and never let go. They are fantasy series, based around two characters who are chalk and cheese, and should probably never be friends because of the huge differences between them, but they depend on each other and are both good at killing and stealing (I won’t post spoilers, you will have to read the books). Michael’s personal story and journey is fascinating, he had been writing for a long time and gave up on the dream. He vowed to never write again after years of heartache and getting nowhere. His wife encouraged him to try again. He had already written the Riyria books and his wife quit her job to help get his work out into the world, and they originally self-published. Soon publishers were all over the books and the rest, as they say, is history.

I had the pleasure of talking to him. I emailed him to congratulate him on his outstanding work, and happened to mention I was at the start of my own writing journey. He gave me great advice and encouragement. He even read a few pages of one of my works and gave me feedback and told me what I was missing. How many famous people take the time to talk to an average Joe? Read bang average writing (at the time) and make room in there lives to interact and help them? Not many I bet. He is a fantastic writer, story teller and human being. I owe him my most sincere thanks for his inspirational journey and willingness to help little old me.

If you like fantasy Michael J Sullivan is your man.


If you like time travel, check out “Hollow World” by Michael, it is a brilliant read also.

Thanks for reading guys! I must do more of these for inspirational writers!

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