That Thursday Feeling

Well, it is Thursday and almost the weekend. My two sons (and myself) have been home all week, sick. They are going to be home all of next week because they are off school, and nursery. Looks like writing my current work in progress and my short stories are going to have to wait even longer.

But no matter. It is not a race, and I do get to spend day and night with the kids, so it is not all bad.

However, I do get a little time to write on here and to talk about…. well, stuff. For example, I did an author interview for “Moonlight Monday Author Interviews” which will be on Monday 25th March 2019, and I can tell you it was scary. It was the first interview I have had and is a huge honor for me. I want to say a big thank you to “Idle sky books and publishing services” and I hope it is not too bad of an interview. People should check out their blog at it so really interesting and the interviews of the authors are brilliant and insightful.

Finally, I want to let everyone know (the few people, if any reading this) that all of my stories are free and available on ebook “” but they are (or will be) all available here on my site. My works in progress and my current work in progress which I am putting all of my efforts into “Bronze” is also available and will be updated whenever I finish a new chapter.

Thank you people! and remember, keep reading!

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