Saturday Must Read Books

This is my second post in the space of about 5 minutes (SORRY) but I want to share some books that have influenced my taste in reading and writing. Today I want to mention “Jules Verne”

Jules Verne is widely known as the father of sci-fi and his work is one of the most (if not the most) translated in history. WORLD WIDE. He wrote his extraordinary stories back in a time when submarines did not exist and man had not stepped foot on the moon or even ventured into space. He came up with “20,000 leagues under the sea” which is one of my all time must read books for anyone who enjoys reading. “Journey to the center of the earth” is a book of an amazing amount of imagination. “Earth to the moon” must have been so exciting to read back then. The idea of people going to the moon must have seemed ridiculous but also sparked the imagination. He must have been an amazing man. His books, of course, are “out of date” because the things he wrote about (150 years or so ago) have now actually happened. We made it to the moon, and we know what is at the center of the earth (No seas or beaches or sea monsters) and we have ventured to the depths of our oceans (no Atlantis has been found)

I read his work knowing that it was written before these things were fully discovered. He was a visionary. Regardless of facts ( a lot that was actually surprisingly accurate) his stories will live on. It is safe to say, Jules Verne sparked my imagination and the possibilities of “what could be” in the future. No idea is too mad. Robots that can cook and clean? Man stepping foot on another planet? living on another planet even?! Star Trek being a reality? Jurrasic Park? They will one day make a Dinosaur, it is inevitable, right? EXCITING! (and dangerous) but who knows?… only time. If only I could live forever and see these thing happen, and much more that you could never predict. I believe out imaginations shape the future.

Some writers are more than just writers. Jules Verne, to me, is much more. If somebody reading this has not read any of his work (movies do not count) then DO IT. You will not be disappointed. So, just remember, keep reading.

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