Why Write?… That Is The Question.

Hey people!

Alright, so I was asked by someone “Why write?” and It was a very simple answer, I enjoy it. Some people do it because they are good at it, and others do it because it is a job or they want a career. Me? I just enjoy making stories come to life through words. Even if only a small amount of people read what I write, that’s OK. I do not do it for money (All of my writing is free) I do not do it for fame (I do not pay for advertising or reviews) It is simply for my own personal benefit. My relaxing alone time. Just writing random stories that pop into my head. I work hard on my writing, but I am under no pressure to do it. No time frames. I did, however, write a whole chapter of one of my works in progress, on the spot, because somebody said they enjoyed it and was interested in more. It is such a huge buzz when somebody enjoys what you do, it makes even more enjoyable to write.

Of course, I am only human, and if somebody offered to publish something I have wrote, then I would be all over that. I do this for the joy, but to do it and be paid? that is dreamland. One day, when I am more accomplished and my writing is not riddled with mountains of errors and mistakes, I will, of course, want to try and make the step forward and do this as a job as well as a hobby. Hobbies do not pay the bills, but I think to myself, “Why not?” other people make money from writing. A long way to go until I reach that point, and for now, I will have fun making stories and self-publishing, making it all available free. Paid or not, I do it because I love it. If I make it big or stay the way I am, I will still do what I do.

Whatever makes you happy, do it. Money is essential to living, but that aside, do what you love, it will make your life happier and brighter. You only live once and you have to chase the dream. Thanks peeps! and remember, keep reading!

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