How Do You Write A Book?… Really…

Hey people!

So I was writing and I suddenly realized that I do not actually know what I am doing. How do you write a book?… really. Do you plan it out? Do you know your start, middle and end? Even the things between? Or do you have a general idea and “Wing it” until you reach the important parts that bring the story together and make it balanced and work? I do not know “How” you are supposed to do it. Do you plan your characters? how they will be speak and act? what they will look like or what there characters will be like?

Maybe everyone does it differently… I have no idea. I am certain I do it all wrong (not knowing any better, in my ignorance of the art) I am completely self-taught in just about everything I do, except for tip and pointers from some people. I wing my stories from start to finish. My first and currently only full-length novel that I have finished (Travis) was written on the spot with no planning what so ever. I had no idea what the story was going to be about until I began writing it. Is that crazy? stupid? ridiculous? probably all of those things. My stories come from imagination. Moments of inspiration that just hit me, and then I write it down, that is why most of my writings are very short stories. How do you plan for that?… I guess I am just different. I am writing other full length books, but they are not planned either. I know I have to change this approach to my work, but when I try I just do not know where I want to take it. So I write and the story comes with it. I suppose I could go back and add things or take things away to polish up, but the general writing of the story is spontaneous. Not having a “good education” may have something to do with the way I approach it, I do not know, but I am enjoying the ride.

More stories of the spontaneous nature are coming soon, and another chapter or two of some of my works in progress are also coming soon (if anyone is interested) thank you peeps! and, as always, keep reading!

2 thoughts on “How Do You Write A Book?… Really…

  1. There is no right or wrong way…just do what works for you. Some writers need to have an outline that they flesh out…others build from one line of inspiration that can take them to the middle or ending scenes and then work on an introduction to complement it. Even characters within your story develop as you go along and sometimes seem to develop a mind of their own and dictate how you pen their story 🙂 Sometimes experiences in your life influence your story and you find yourself changing the setting or plot. When I was writing my debut novel, a new character was introduced into the story halfway through based on a conversation I had with someone whilst travelling 🙂
    So each person has their own way and style…just continue to do what works for you 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I totally get all of that. I let the story take me forward as I write it, it is a complete surprise to me when I almost robotically write a story and the plot just emerges without really thinking about it. Maybe instinct is the way forward for me, with improvement to the actual delivery of the writing. I have more clarity now, thank you! 🙂

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