Friday Blues

Hi people!

Alright, so one of the kindest acts I have experienced ever, happened to me not so long ago. I was editing one of my manuscripts (or at least trying) and I was getting nowhere. I have said previously that my education was terrible and I struggle with some spelling and all punctuation, grammar etc. So I posted on Twitter that I was having a hard time, and I get a message off a guy who said he would edit it for me for FREE. Now I had already looked into freelance editors and prices. For my full-length book of about 100,000 words, I was quoted in the region of £2,000. Being a full-time carer for my partner and looking after my two children (which means I can not go and get a job, and I actually quit the one I had) It is safe to say I do not have £2,000. I would do a victory dance if I had a spare fiver!

This awesome human being actually did it!

I felt so bad (still do) because I know how much hard work he must have put into my manuscript. The mountains upon mountains of mistakes must been gruelling for him. I knew how terrible it would be so I sent him one of my new works to soften the blow, It is only about 18,000 words currently, but still, hard work to do for nothing.

He sent it back to me yesterday, and now I feel really really bad. He has put notes on so many lines with his thoughts and things I could change, and it looks like he simply did not like the story or the way it is written (mountains of mistakes aside) and I am worried that this piece is not worth continuing and he waisted his time.

I knew this project would be the toughest thing I have attempted so far in my short writing life, but I never realized how tough. I will not give in on this project, I will finish it and find a way to fix it. I just need to step back, take it on the chin and improve with every page I write. He is, after all, trying to help me and improve what I have written. I will take it all on board and move forward.

I just can not believe this act of kindness. It has me stunned. The world is a dark and often horrible place, but sometimes a flash of light will break down the gloom and shock you. Hope and random acts of kindness still grace us as human beings. I hope this new found comfort will help me to continue to be a good person and you the reader of this long winded piece of writing. Thank you for taking the time peeps! and remember, keep reading!

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