Saturday Must Reads

Happy weekend people!

Alright, last week I spoke about “Jules Verne” and the impact his stories an imagination had on me, but today I want to talk about “Bernard Cornwell”

Now as a young kid I read books like Treasure Island and Moby Dick, as so many of us did, but I reached the age of eleven or twelve and I stopped reading books. It did not interest me. So many kids back in the 90s played in the street and spent all of there time outdoors. You could not walk down any street, or pass any field, without seeing kids playing football or other games. Now, in the computer age, with everyone having phones and other technology devices, those days of playing sports and bike riding from dusk till dawn are all but dead. I lost my love of reading because of the days of play, so I am on the fence about it being a good thing or a bad thing. For me, it was both.

However, I reached the age of about nineteen and reading came back into my everyday life. I ordered a bundle of books from a magazine for about three pounds (I had little money) and among them was “Sharpe’s Fortress” and “Rebel” both written by “Bernard Cornwell” At first glance they did not really grip me, and I began reading one of the other books I got. It bored me to tears. I read almost half of the book hoping it would get better, but I gave up eventually. So I opened “Rebel” and was hooked from the first page. The opening scene just dragged me in and I read the book cover to cover in one sitting without stopping once. The next day I read “Sharpe’s Fortress” again in one sitting, and I had found the author that sparked my love of reading again. I then did some research on him and his works, and was thrilled to learn that he had written a lot of books, 20 plus more “Sharpe” books and three that followed on from “Rebel” I devoured them all over the months and scouted old book shops and eBay looking for them on the cheap, it can be an expensive hobby, especially when I was reading so quickly, I just could not get enough. Book after book, series after series, from “The Last Kingdom Series” to “The grail Quest Series” I just loved every one of them.

To this day I still pick up a “Sharpe” book, and I still wait patiently for his next new books to come out. If ancient wars and battles are your thing, then “Bernard Cornwell” Is your man. Napoleonic wars to the Vikings invading, even American Cival War, he does it all with brilliance and flair.

He remains, and always will be, one of my top Authors. I thank you guys for your time, have a good weekend! and remember! Keep Reading!

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