Monday Magic?…

Hi people! Hope you have all had a happy start to the week!

So, I have written a short children’s book. It took me about fifteen minutes to write and needs illustrated, but I can not draw to save my life. It is one of those short kids books that have one or two line per page with the pictures to emphasize the story. It looks and probably sounds terrible with a few lines written on a page, but with pictures and a lot of colour it would be really relevant. How do you find somebody to do illustrations for you? I know it is an expensive thing to do. I wish I had the artistic talent to do it myself, but like most things, I am at a bit of a disadvantage.

I came up the idea when I was getting my son ready for school. He started picking his nose (like kids do) and I told him to stop it. He asked “why” and I said “because it is dirty”… “but I like it” he said…. and there it was, my story. Simply a kid picking his nose, and his dad telling him all of the reasons he should not, and the kid arguing his case. It sounds silly I know, but I think every parent has had this discussion with there children, right? I think it is really relevant and real, which will strike a cord. Let me now you think, just remember it needs a little work of course, and pictures are essential for this type of kids book. So if anyone wants to draw for free let me know! I do not charge for my work yet, but will give half of any money it takes (HAHA) Yeah I am still following the dream and have to believe I will get somewhere. Thanks peeps! Keep reading!

Do Not Pick Your Nose

“I like to pick my nose, but my daddy always says”

“Do not pick your nose, your finger will get stuck, and it is green and yucky!”

“But I like to pick my nose! And my finger will not get stuck, I am lucky!”

“Do not pick your nose, it is dirty”

“But I like to pick my nose! And I will do it until I am thirty!”

“Do not pick your nose, it will end up all red!”

“But I like to pick my nose! I will pick the other side instead!”

“Do not pick your nose! That is not food!”

“But I like to pick my nose! Too late! You lose!”

“Do not pick your nose, it will start to hurt!”

“But I like to pick my nose, and wipe it on my shirt!”

“Do not pick your nose! It will upset mummy!”

“But I like to pick my nose! And it is all runny!”

“Do not pick your nose, lets do some reading!”

“I am sorry daddy! My nose is bleeding!”

“Come on, lets clean your face and paws”

“OK daddy, from now on I will not pick my nose”

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