Reaching A Goal

Hi People!

So, I have said a few times that I write for the joy of it, and have been struggling with my style and so on and so on. But, to my amazement, I have found a publisher! my short story “A House Out of Time” is my first piece of success. I knew it was my most popular piece, and I enjoyed writing it, but I wrote it for fun with no thought of it being picked up by a publishing company. I wrote it off the cuff and just let it go. No thought or struggle, just natural. It just shows that doing what feels right, can actually be right. I am happy that I have reached the goal of being published, and will strive to reach the next one without delay. This was just a first step. An 8,000 word story is one thing, a 100,000 word book is something else. I will write a full length book that will be picked up and published one day, I now know that I have enough drive to do it, but I also know that it will be a HUGE task. I am not scared of a challenge, I do it everyday when I write, sitting and spelling words several ways until I find the correct way. It is tough for me, but my story telling is my strength. I have always believed that. Belief, faith, hard work and enjoyment is the way forward.

You can reach your dreams and goals. We all can. So remember, fight for it! and keep reading!!!

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