How Do You Find Reviewers?…

Hi people!

I have been a little busy lately. The Publication of my book has spurred me on with “trying” to promote it. But I am finding it almost impossible to get people to review it. Why is that? I have asked countless people “Book Reviewers” and “Book Bloggers” but only 3 or 4 out of countless dozens I have asked have actually agreed. I just assumed that a lover of books and stories would be right up for reading a book for free. Some admittedly had long lists of books to read, but a lot of them simply said no for different reasons. It could be that I am just not very good at promotions. Who knows?

Anyway! never say die! I will fight on!

So here it is! Anyone interested in reading my short story “A House Out of Time” Free with Kindle Unlimited, please do! Reviews and feedback are most welcome. The book is short, 8,000 words or so and should not take long to read (Less than an hour) I appreciate the support. I will be back soon with another “Must Read” post and maybe a free story right here on my blog!

Thanks people! follow the links for my book, and remember, keep reading!

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