Saturday Must Reads…

Hey people! Hope the weekend is going well for you all! I am back with a must read for you guys!

So everyone has different taste in books, some people may love a book that others think is terrible, this makes it tough to know who to listen to when looking for a new read. I have tried pretty much every genre and have my favourite types of book (Fantasy and Historic Fiction) but this must read is (Crime, Thriller and Mystery) I am sure fans of these genres have already devoured these book, but for those who do not read these types of books may not have tries them, but they are a MUST read regardless of that.

Karen Slaughter, The Will Trent series. Is a fantastic bundle of books. I am no fan of this genre normally, these are actually the only books I have finished in this genre.

Karen Slaughter has created a main character “Will Trent” with such a distinct look and personality that he stands out. He is tall and athletic, and is a brilliant FBI guy, but he also has dyslexia and visible scars from a haunting past that makes his every day life a struggle. Keeping his dyslexia a secret and his scars in full view for everyone to see, he becomes a character that intrigues you and has you routing for him to succeed through his struggle. The author has fantastic characters that surround him and bring you closer to his fears and memories. The characters are not the only attraction, the individual stories are so well thought out and executed that it leaves you wanting more. The first book “Triptych” is a perfect introduction to many brilliant books that followed. The research is flawless, and the twists are a piece of genius that binds the whole story and excellent writing together. I will not go into detail about stories etc… it spoils the fun!

Bottom line! I will read these books again and again without them getting boring. Karen Slaughter I salute you, and these are well deserved best sellers. If you have not read these pieces of literary magic, than I urge you to get your hands on a copy of “Triptych” and I promise, you will soon purchase the whole set.

So! That is my Saturday Must Read. And if anyone is interested in reviewing my short story “A House Out of Time” then please do! and leave a review, I would appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time peeps! and remember, KEEP READING!

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