Sunday Thoughts…

Hey people!

So, I have been thinking a lot about my first (and currently, only) full length book that I have wrote. It was the first time I had ever tried to write anything, EVER, and it is safe to say it was raw. However, I have been reading it back recently after finding small success in finding a publisher, you know just looking at then and now, the difference between my works. I noticed I feel stronger about my first book than any other, including my published piece. Why is that? The whole book is one big mess, no punctuation or grammar is correct, and the less said about spelling the better. I still love it. Maybe it is because it was the start of my writing life. It all started in those words. The story is questionable, the characters I actually really like, and the end was rushed now that I look back. But I find that I enjoy reading it. I do not know why, because writers do not have strong feeling towards practice pieces and material that is discarded, right? I am feeling different about my writing, It is all special to me, but my first book “Travis” will always take centre stage in my mind, the fact that I started it and finished it is a miracle (Horror English skills aside) It was a huge achievement for me, and one that I am HUGELY proud of.

On that note, I would like to share it! unedited, raw, and just bad application. Reading bad books is just as helpful as reading masterpieces for writers.

BUT I do hope people see past all of that and enjoy it in some way. Books are meant for enjoyment after all.

It is FREE of course, I could not sleep at night charging people to read this, but it is still my baby and I will one day fix it and my pride in it will be absolute. So here it is! take a look and let me know your thoughts (Mistakes aside, I know all about that)

Thanks guys! enjoy what is left of the weekend! and remember… KEEP READING!

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