What Is Your Style?…

Hello people!

So, I have been reading a few different books over the last few days and it got me thinking. Everyone has a different style in terms of the third person narration of stories and first person stories. And a lot are not really to my liking, I use very few words that are long and absolutely none that may make someone say “What does that mean?” I do not think there is anything worse than reading a book and trying to work out the meaning to a complicated word when there is obvious words out there that could be used. I am sure some people may think my work is written in a simplistic way, which makes it “bad” It just feels like people are not being true to themselves when writing. I am an average simplistic person, with a simplistic vocabulary, I would never put words in my writing that I would never use in real life, it would feel forced and a little fake to me. Is it wrong to want a book that is easy to follow and looks like it is written and spoken in a normal language? Writers miss a vital point while writing in my opinion, they forget to keep it in perspective. If your story has a “Oliver Twist” type character with a kid that has no home family or education, then they are not likely to use complicated speech and the narration should also reflect the setting and characters, right?

On reflection, I think writers should stick to what they know, if they are people with a high education and maybe a high born family, then you may say complicated words that people rarely use or hear in the common world. Or if your story is set in and around a certain place that makes it necessary to use a certain dialogue then great. I am just saying that people try a little to hard with the complicated things they put into a book, it may come across as impressive on first thought, but I truly believe your true self comes out in the words you write, do not fake it, it shows. Be you, and write you, some will say it is wrong and too simple, others will say it is easy to read and follow. You could do an experiment with this, see how long it would take to read a simple book and an over the top extravagant book of the same size, and I guarantee that the simple book will be devoured faster and be a more enjoyable experience

Just my thoughts. I could be totally wrong. The point I am trying to make (badly) is simple is fine, and trying too hard to make a “masterpiece” could be a big downfall. Maybe I am just not intelligent enough to read a book that has “Big boy words” but almost everyone is intelligent enough to read a simplistic book.

What is your style? Could a average man like me read your book without scratching my head half way through most sentences? It is worth a thought I think. Or maybe I am just dumb, that is a good possibility also.

Well thanks for reading my random thoughts, I promise my next post will be more entertaining. Remember peeps, Keep Reading!

2 thoughts on “What Is Your Style?…

  1. Simplicity is good. It’s important for a writer to be able to freely express thoughts and ideas. In order to do that, writers must pen words that are familiar to them. How else can they bring their story to life, if they are not able to convey it how they understand it to be?

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    1. Exactly! It just feels like writers are trying to be a little too clever with extravagant words and poetry like sentences that are open for interpretation. Just write it how it is. Helps the story flow when reading. So pleased I am not alone on this, thanks!

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