Another New Release!…

Hello again people! two posts in one day!

Well, I have had another work published! “Dark And Light Tales of Ripton Town”

It is a trilogy of short stories. They are unrelated, except for the fact they are set in the same fictional place.

Story one is “Teddy, Is That You?” it is another creepy story about a Teddy Bear that brings a lot of bad luck to his new owner which causes some very dangerous accidents.

Story two is “Creepy Town” once again creepy, hence the name. A woman gets on to a bus to go to her new job which happens to be in Ripton Town, but some very unusual events take place that could be threatening.

Story three is “Mr Nobody” this is a nice story showing the lighter side of Ripton Town. A homeless guy is helped buy a young lady who takes him to a café for a hot drink and a chat. She gets him accommodation and a job before she has an accident. The homeless man, known as Gabe, returns her kindness. (Not giving away the ending)

It is FREE with Kindle Unlimited and £1.99 to purchase the ebook (Bargain right?) So, thanks peeps! please check it out and let me know what you think! and KEEP READING!

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