Monday Must Reads…

Hey people!

Alright, I am back with a must read. I normally do this on a Saturday but never mind, I do not suppose it matters. This happens to be my mothers favourite book, which is no surprise because it is a classic that will never go out of fashion or drop of the radar.

The Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding

This is a story about a plane that crashes on an unchartered island, stranding a bunch of school kids. At first they embrace the freedom, no adults to tell them what to do and they sort of think it is party time. They even try to form there own society, which fails in the face of terror. They hear strange howls in the night, and eventually realize that rescue is not likely. There adventure takes a sinister turn. The innocence of children is no more, and the darkness of people takes centre stage.

As always, I do not want to give away to much, but it is safe to say that this book is one of the all time greats. An easy 5 stars is slapped on this. Anyone who does not agree with that, well… I think you are crazy. If YOU have not read this book then purchase a copy, it is a fantastic read for anyone who loves timeless masterpieces that keep you gripped on the edge of your seat. I love this book.

So there it is peeps! thanks for taking the time! enjoy! and remember, KEEP READING!

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