Friday Thoughts…

Hey people! Sorry I have been away so long! just a few “Thoughts and stuff” today.

Firstly, you may have seen me talking about “Travis” a while back the first book I ever wrote. I said it was terrible and had mountains of mistakes throughout, but I loved it, the story and characters are good, but the actual application is bad. At the time I did not know what I was doing, my knowledge of writing was zero. It is special to me because of the time and effort, but more because I started it and I finished it, over 100,000 words. Ten months of imagination and creation without any pre planning.

Anyway! it is going to be published! how crazy is that? MORE TO FOLLOW on this soon!…

Now! how many people listen to Audio books? My short story “A House Out of Time” is now on Audible and the narration is brilliant by B. C. Kinnison, he brought the story to life. I had never listened to an audio book before, but I really enjoyed it. But is it popular? You rarely hear about them, and they fly under the radar. I think that is a shame, I imagine it should be popular with people who do a lot of driving and stuff, right?… Well anyway, here is the link for the ebook and audio book on the publishers website. A few links on here for people in the UK and USA. Enjoy!

And that is it! I will be back peeps! and remember, keep reading!… and listening!

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