It Rains On Sunday

Hi people!

It’s been a while since I have ‘wrote’ anything on here, but I have several reviews to share with you. Firstly, I have a new story “It Rains On Sunday”

It’s a short story which I am making available for FREE to the people willing to give me a review. (I find it increasingly difficult to get people to leave reviews) if you are interested hit me up, and I will send you a copy.

About the story. Well, it’s a mystery. The Town of Sunday is hit by a storm of biblical proportions, and a young girl vanishes while riding her bike in the rain. Her bike and one of her shoes are all that is found by the roadside. That is the only clue along with a peculiar puddle.

To say more would give away to much. It’s a short but good read (I hope) take you an hour maybe? That’s not a lot. And it’s FREE. The cost of your thoughts isn’t much.

I’ll be back soon with a few reviews and must reads. Thanks dudes! And keep reading!

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